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Other Practice Areas

At The Tarantino Law Firm, LLP, we not only offer breadth across many legal disciplines, but depth and experience in each one as well. Our firm has the knowledge, staff and resources necessary to represent clients in the most complex cases. Each attorney on our team is uniquely qualified in his or her respective areas of practice with a wealth of knowledge and years of successful results.

To better understand the additional legal services we provide to our clients, we present our other focus areas below. You can also learn more about how our Buffalo, New York, lawyers can help you by calling us at 716-849-6500.

  • Long-term care: The lawyers at The Tarantino Law Firm, LLP, in Buffalo dedicate considerable time to the defense of long-term care providers who find themselves the target of a claim of elder abuse or neglect. Defending these cases, with the emotions they evoke, requires a unique understanding of the day-to-day operations at long-term care facilities. Our firm has defended numerous long-term care cases, among many other types of cases, and has developed an understanding of the unique legal and factual issues which are often presented in long-term care litigation.
  • Appellate practice: The appellate attorneys at The Tarantino Law Firm, LLP, are highly experienced in the appellate area of the law. Whether working to protect favorable judgments or overturning adverse ones, our appellate law practice has helped shape New York law in several areas. The firm’s appellate attorneys have earned a reputation for excellence in both post-trial and appellate work.
  • Commercial Real Estate: Our legal team handles any and all types of commercial real estate cases that may arise, including: commercial leases, buying and selling property, and closings. Unfortunately, many real estate disputes cannot be solved through negotiation. When this happens, you need a tenacious litigator on your side. Our team is staffed with seasoned trial lawyers who do not shy away from taking a case to court if it is determined that this is the best way to get a resolution for you.