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Should parents fund a child's startup company?

There are many avenues to explore when an entrepreneur is raising funds for a new business. It is easy to get caught up in seeking investors, financing, partnerships and sponsorships. While there will be many formal business discussions, many people seek a familiar, and less formal, source of funding: they ask their parents for money.

NY's pending cannabis-linked changes: drilling down to specifics

New York legislators have obviously thought long and hard about ushering in marijuana-tied laws that focus upon adjustments yielding material changes across the state's vast business community.

We alluded to that in a recent Tarantino Law Firm blog entry. We noted in our November 2 post the pending adjustments called for in the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act, stressing that they "espouse a legal philosophy that is unquestionably bold and forward-looking." The MRTA includes these key features:

The MRTA: a New York business acronym with tremendous implications

States across the country are revising -- in some cases dramatically adjusting -- their laws concerning marijuana oversight and regulation. Some focus primarily on key decriminalization aspects relevant to cannabis manufacturing, possession, use and sales. Others seek to adjust current marijuana schemes in a manner that will optimally promote legitimate business activities.

New York's pending MRTA program prominently takes into account both of those objectives.

Can free services get a new business off the ground?

Many start-ups begin with the expectation that income will be lean. That it will take time to build a brand, a reputation and a steady base of clients or customers. While that is typically true, it is often counter to a business's goals to offer free or discount services to grow that reputation.

Do you use boilerplate forms in your business?

Do you use pre-prepared forms in your business? Almost every business does in some capacity. Digital technology has made our communications instantaneous. However, when relying on boilerplate forms to buy or sell goods, a fast paced email interaction and order fulfillment process could cast ambiguity on the enforceability of your business agreements. As such, businesses should understand the contract formation process to reduce operational risk, streamline fulfillment processes and protect the bottom line.

Reasonable accommodations include more than an accessible workspace

While it is common knowledge that any workplace needs to treat employees fairly, the discussion of what “fair” means leads to debate. What is clearly defined, is that employees cannot be discriminated against based on their gender, race, country of origin, gender or disability.

Another word that many people disagree upon is disability. Anyone who has sought assistance for a medical condition knows the challenge of securing medical proof of a condition. For some people, seeing is believing. When a disability is not visually apparent, employers might be hesitant to comply with an employee’s needs.

Proven legal input can promote an optimal commercial lease outcome

Some of the nearly countless million Americans who have executed one or more residential leases in their lives have of course jockeyed a bit with their landlords on a relevant contractual point or two.

Heavily negotiating a residential lease is rare, though, and spells an attempted would-be lessee tactic that landlords don't often expect to see.

What issues are centrally relevant to a commercial lease?

Business owners across New York routinely deal with widely varied and pressing matters. That is of course understandable. Business is complex, being replete with challenges and opportunities.

Commercial participants must timely address entity choice and craft key foundational documents and agreements. They must often deal with lenders, suppliers, vendors, government regulators, customers and other parties. They necessarily focus on labor, costs, compliance, taxes and myriad other factors germane to near-term opportunities and longer horizons.

Finding out how much do you need to pay your employees

Increases in New York's minimum wage went into effect on Dec. 31. The changes impact businesses differently depending on where in the state your business is located.

The concern about such changes goes beyond the increased costs employers will face. It is also important to note that keeping track of what to pay employees will not become any simpler.

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