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Month: February 2021

What defines a “small business”?

Common language is full of imprecise terms. One of the most common terms we hear in the business world involves classification. Everybody loves a small business – but how small is small? There are vast differences between a mom-and-pop shop and a regional chain, yet...

Use caution when posting job ads

There are many issues in hiring and seeking out new employees. Whether your business purpose is to replace a valued member or keep up with growth, state and federal law is clear about avoiding potential discrimination whenever you hire someone. A frequently overlooked...

Signs of an entrepreneurial boom?

While many are cautious about the state of the economy, it has not slowed the growth of new businesses. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, new business applications are actually on the rise -- and by a significant margin. A review of the data shows a 77%...

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