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2021 focus on small businesses in New York, nationally

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Business Law

Karen Mills commands a prominent voice when spotlighting relevant news and data regarding small business health and activity in the United States.

And that is logically the case. Mills was a top-tier economic principal in the early years of the Obama presidential administration, heading the U.S. Small Business Administration from 2009 to 2013. She now speaks out on commercial issues as a senior fellow at the Harvard Business School.

What she has to say is both illuminating and hopeful.

Her bottom line is this, as summarized in a recent article penned in the business publication Inc. Magazine: “President Joe Biden wants to make small business a centerpiece of his economic policy plans.”

The most pressing issues require strong and immediate action on the Covid-19 crisis, of course.  The new administration has strongly signaled that national progress on every other front necessitates an initial focus on materially reining in the pandemic.

Biden also stresses that broad health improvements will enable tandem progress in business upsurge and growth. Inc. Magazine notes the incoming government’s resolve to promote “recovery and opportunity – particularly after the vaccine rollout happens en masse.”

Mills and other business pundits and commentators expect the SBA to play a powerful and central role in a broad business advance. The agency was already materially promoting and keeping afloat legions of small businesses understandably struggling during 2020. More than 7 million small business entities reportedly received financial help from the SBA last year. Even more assistance is expected in 2021, commencing early in the year.

Small businesses are the driving engine of America’s economy. Company owners and entrepreneurs across Western New York and other state locales with business-tied questions or concerns can secure sound guidance and representation from proven Buffalo commercial law attorneys.


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