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Helping You Obtain Guardianship Of A Loved One

For some members of our community, the protection of the law may be necessary throughout their life and into adulthood.

These individuals may be suffering from a psychological disorder, devastating injury from an accident or some other condition that prevents them from caring for themselves. In these cases, a guardianship may be necessary.

In a typical case, we will commence legal proceedings under Article 81 of the Mental Hygiene Law on behalf of the person in need of protection. Through Article 81 proceedings, we will seek the appointment of a personal needs and/or property management guardian to act on behalf of the incapacitated individual who is unable to care for his or her own personal or property needs.

The responsibilities and complexities of becoming a guardian in New York state are best aided with the guidance of an attorney. Please contact our Buffalo lawyers at The Tarantino Law Firm, LLP, at 716-849-6500 to schedule a confidential consultation.