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Settling Breach Of Contract Cases In And Out Of Court

When contracts are created, each party has obligations which are created by the terms of the contract. If one of those terms has been violated this constitutes a breach of the contract. Any breach of contract may be grounds for termination of the remainder of the contract and potential litigation, or result in damages, depending on the nature of the breach.

At The Tarantino Law Firm, LLP, in Buffalo, New York, our experienced business law attorneys handle all aspects of breach of contract cases whether you are taking action against the party that breached or are being accused of breach in the contract yourself. It is essential that all breach of contract cases be handled as efficiently and effectively as possible to ensure the continued success of your business.

Contract Breaches

  • While any type of contract can be breached by any party at any point in time, many breach of contract cases involve the failure to pay for goods and services. In some cases, the breach of the contract may have financial implications on one of the parties. If you have lost money or are now going to lose money due to the breach of the contract, we may be able to recover some or all of the funds through litigation.
  • If you are being accused of violating the terms of a contract your business and livelihood may be at stake. It is important that you consult with an attorney who can determine if the terms were breached, if the breach was intentional, if the breach was accidental, and if the breach actually constituted monetary losses for the other party. We defend these types of cases and work to minimize any impact to you or your business whenever possible.

Consult With Us On Your Breach Of Contract Matters

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