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Negotiating And Litigating Business And Contract Disputes

Contracts are utilized on a daily basis by businesses everywhere. Business owners often depend on contracts to ensure operations continue to run efficiently and clients are being served. The language included in contracts can be legal in nature, often making it difficult to understand the exact terms of the contract. Having an experienced lawyer on your side can ensure that you know your rights and obligations under your business contracts.

At The Tarantino Law Firm, LLP, our business attorneys have experience handling a wide variety of contract matters for clients in and around the Buffalo, New York, area.

Types Of Contracts

We can handle the drafting, negotiation and review of any type of contracts that your business requires, including:

  • Contracts between businesses that set forth obligations for each business
  • Client contracts that detail the interaction between you and your clients
  • Service contracts that provide guidelines on the services you are to provide
  • Supplier and vendor contracts that dictate the terms by which you will work with another company to obtain goods and services

Our firm can also step in and handle contract dispute litigation that may result from any breach of contract that has occurred, whether your business is accused of breaching or another party violated the terms of the contract.

Employment Contracts

In addition to general contract matters, we also handle employment contract creation and disputes. We understand how important these are to business and work tirelessly to see that contracts are comprehensive and detailed, to ensure the parties understand exactly what is expected of them. Our firm also handles litigation of these cases when an employment contract has been breached.

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