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Drafting Effective Separation Agreements For Buffalo Businesses

Terminating an employee is rarely easy, but it is possible to prepare in advance to make the consequences to your business predictable while shielding yourself from potential litigation from a former employee. If you are an individual and have been terminated, you may be presented with a separation agreement that waives your right to bring an action against your former employer and may also impose other post-employment obligations or restrictions on you.

The Tarantino Law Firm, LLP, in Buffalo represents employers and employees throughout western New York. Our employment law attorneys will help you develop or amend your policy regarding separation agreements to better manage your workforce. We will save your company time, money and uncertainty. If you have been terminated and have been presented with an agreement, we can review it for you.

What Is A Separation Agreement?

Essentially, in a separation agreement, an employee agrees not to pursue legal action against the employer if he or she is ever terminated. In exchange, the employee receives some benefit, such as a severance package. The agreement will lay out the terms of the severance package, e.g., how much money the terminated worker will receive, how long he or she will remain on the company health care plan and so on.

A separation agreement can be part of a larger employment contract or a stand-alone contract. Instead of coming up with a new separation agreement for each of your contract employees, it may save you and your partners time and effort to develop standard terms.

Experienced Help Through Employment Contract Law

Our lawyers will explain how separation agreements can help your business avoid wrongful termination litigation and save you significant money. We will work with you to develop a separation agreement that reflects your business interests and long-term goals and reduces your company’s potential liability. If you have been terminated and presented with a proposed separation agreement, you may be able to negotiate certain terms. We can review it for you and negotiate with your former employer if necessary.

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