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Spotlighting a foundational business tool: the company handbook

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2019 | Business Law

Lots of things promote or militate against success for a New York business.

A company’s leadership team and its core strategies concerning profitability tied with products and services obviously command paramount importance. So too do things like efficient production, marketing chops, timely and consistent quality improvements, ready access to relevant technologies and attractive financing options.

And then there is this, of course: the dynamic that exists between management and labor. At an elemental level, it is arguably the tone and tenor of the employer-employee relationship existing in the workplace that most determines business success or failure.

Which leads to a company’s handbook. Although that document seldom looms large in any discussion of business-success factors, it unquestionably does play a key role in promoting – or undermining – company transparency and stability.

An in-depth online overview of handbooks underscores their importance for virtually any business. It stresses to employers that a quality handbook can “set employee expectations and be extremely helpful to your case if you are ever sued.”

Indeed, it just makes sense for business principals working in consultation with proven commercial law attorneys deeply grounded in employment law matters to spend the time needed to craft a quality handbook. A well-drafted and logically tailored primer can adequately address key business concerns across every relevant front, serving both owners and workers equally well.

Indeed, handbooks routinely cover essential topics across a broad spectrum. They provide clarity concerning compensation and benefits. They enunciate policies relevant to discrimination and harassment, and outline complaint processes for addressing them. They detail guidelines, rules and outcomes germane to safety, drug use, attendance, worker comportment/discipline and myriad other key concerns. Indeed, New York law mandates that all employers maintain a sexual harassment policy that complies with the State’s model policy.

Tarantino Law Firm attorneys collectively command many years of on-point and results-driven performance delivered on behalf of both management and labor in employment-linked affairs. We welcome contacts to the firm from both business principals and employees concerning any legal issues or concerns that arise in the workplace.

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