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Medical professionals face constant litigation risks

Although virtually every occupational group has standards and performance expectations that spotlight worker outcomes and accountability, those thresholds vary from company to company.

A few select industries stand apart when it comes to the exacting regulatory scrutiny they face. The aerospace industry might quickly come to mind for some readers, with its various developments and evolving programs being scrupulously linked with a zero-sum approach toward error.

The medical realm also stands out as an occupational sphere where practicing professionals work under an intense and relentless level of regulatory mandates and compliance measures. Candidly, that can take a toll on practitioners, given the performance pressures and potential blowback they routinely face as they go about their work. Workers in almost any other industry can scarcely imagine an environment where employees routinely feel as though they must be perfect at all times in every aspect of their jobs.

Upstanding and rigorously trained doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab techs and other health care professionals harbor a reasonable fear as they perform their jobs. Quite often, medical professionals find themselves on the legal defensive against allegations that their performance failed to meet the applicable standard of care. Courts in New York and nationally feature a high degree of medical malpractice litigation.

The consequences of a negative outcome for a medical professional or hospital can be dire across a broad spectrum. Financial losses can be staggering. Reputational costs can be outsized and licenses can be threatened or suspended.

Health professionals facing performance-linked challenges need timely, knowledgeable and aggressive legal help. They can secure that with assistance from attorneys commanding a demonstrated record of advocacy on behalf of clients in medical malpractice matters.


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