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New York’s new sick-leave law: Key elements & takeaways

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2020 | Employment Law

The acronym NYSSL might not reasonably resonate with many New York workers, but what that shorthand designation stands for and addresses certainly does.

In fact, the details linked with the New York State Sick Leave law are instantly significant for millions of individuals and families spanning the state. Although the NYSSL does not entitle any person to benefits before January 1 of next year, the legislation already took effect on September 30. Employers of every type and size will want to note the essentials.

The NYSSL’s impact tied to a company’s size and income

Employee benefits will vary as follows:

  • 56 hours of paid sick leave for workers in companies with at least 100 employees
  • 40 hours re companies between six and 99 workers
  • 40 hours – fewer than five workers and 2019 income of $1 million-plus
  • 40 hours – fewer than five workers and 2019 income beneath $1 million

The accumulation rate of sick hours will be one hour earned for every 30 hours worked. Alternatively, an employer might agree to make the full annual allotment of hours available on January 1.

Broad-based entitlements conferred under the NYSSL law

Employers will want to be closely apprised of the widespread coverage enabled through the NYSSL. Workers can secure time off for many reasons, including these:

  • Care/treatment relevant to a mental or physical ailment or injury
  • Similar coverage applicable to a family member (that term is statutorily defined expansively)
  • Coverage linked to a worker’s or family member’s status as a victim injured by domestic abuse, human trafficking, a sexual offense or stalking

New York business principals might reasonably seek clarification and guidance relevant to the new law.

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