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Older workers’ on-the-job treatment a notable employment law concern

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2021 | Employment Law

Companies spanning every industry in New York routinely deal with diverse challenges yielding potential legal liability. These matters can range from contractual disputes and regulatory compliance to tax exactions, licensing issues and more.

Arguably, the preeminent “and more” category for most employers is this: management-worker relations and the many challenges thrown up by employment law concerns.

These concerns cover a wide gamut. That overview highlights a veritable universe of subject matter that commands the attention of any prudent management team.

One core concern spotlights workplace discrimination based on protected classifications. Those categories were first enumerated in Title VII of the seminal 1964 federal Civil Rights Act. They centrally include race, national origin, color, religion and sex.

Federal statutory laws and case law holdings subsequently added to those categories, providing equal protections addressing sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability and age.

One in-depth national article on the ADEA and treatment of older employees notes that ageism in the workplace is currently a top-tier focal point for company principals across the country.

That is logically the case. Reportedly, the 55-plus U.S. worker demographic comprises about a quarter of the American workforce, with that percentage ticking steadily higher. And many older workers are stepping forward with claims alleging employers’ discriminatory behaviors that reap adverse workplace outcomes not similarly shared by younger employees.

Those claims should justifiably concern any employer, given their potential to escalate and even result in harmful litigation.

Labor law issues are of paramount concern to most employers. Company managers with questions or concerns on any employment matter can turn for candid guidance and diligent legal representation to a proven employment law legal team.

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