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Securing a liquor license: success determinant for many NY businesses

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2021 | Business Law

Legions of diverse businesses operate across Western New York and elsewhere across the state.

A select number of them rely heavily – sometimes even entirely – on the procurement of one specific asset to ensure success.

Namely, that is a liquor license, with the fundamental value of that permit being obvious in the operation of many establishments.

Any bar or nightclub will need to sell drinks to succeed.” The same holds true for many restaurants. It is often the case that, while one license-holding establishment materially profits, another nearby withers absent a permit to sell alcoholic beverages.

Liquor licensing process fundamentals in New York State

Any New York business striving to secure a license to sell alcoholic beverages will deal directly with the state’s Liquor Authority. That entity has plenary power over the process, which, candidly, can be both complex and a bit time-consuming.

Here’s a core reason why, as prominently stressed on a state government website page highlighting license particulars: The authority reviews and makes determinations on several types of liquor licenses. Prospective licensees can apply for these distinct permits:

  • On-premises licenses relevant to entities like restaurants, hotels and bars
  • Off-premises grants (e.g., retail outlets like grocery and liquor stores)
  • Wholesale licenses
  • Manufacturing permits

The above-cited state overview of the permit process highlights its generalized complexity. It notes that “Within each group are numerous types of licenses [and that] each license type has a different set of application materials.”

That processing reality spotlights an applicant’s need for legal counsel. A proven New York business law firm with a proven record of client advocacy in liquor licensing matters can provide that.

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