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NY’s Taylor Law: Key legislation covering public employees

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2021 | Firm News

In previous blog posts, we have stressed that myriad labor issues and concerns “affect businesses on a daily basis.”

The sheer variety and number of relevant employment laws and state agencies commanding oversight in the labor realm are strong evidence of that. One example relevant to the public sector is introduced below.

What is the Public Employees’ Fair Employment Act?

Since New York laws have formal titles that are a bit challenging to remember and repeatedly recite, they commonly garner shorthand designation. The above-cited employment law is often referred to as the Taylor Law.

That statutory plan was crafted more than 50 years ago and is one of the country’s earliest enacted state laws addressing public-sector labor relations. A New York government website notes that the Taylor Law “is the legal foundation used by [state officials] in negotiations with New York State’s public employee unions.”

Disputes commonly arise between managers in the public realm and workers, of course, and the Taylor Law plays a central role in resolving them. The aforementioned government source notes that a state board panel following the law’s provisions “acts as an umpire” when doing so.

The Taylor Law is impressively broad in scope. Its overseership of labor laws in the public sphere extends from general administration to board decisions addressing matters such as collective bargaining, strikes, varied processes for handling grievances and more.

New York employers might reasonably have questions or concerns regarding the Public Employees’ Fair Employment Act. They can reach out to an experienced legal team for guidance and diligent representation when facing a labor law challenge.

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