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Key New York State budget prong: Aid for small businesses

The ongoing and adverse effects of the COVID-19 health pandemic have been deep and pernicious across the United States.

Especially for small businesses.

Those entities – both in New York and nationally – have almost uniformly dealt over the past year-plus with severe and unprecedented challenges. Sheer obstacles to profitability and even business viability have confronted companies of every type, regardless of whether they are startup endeavors or long-established enterprises.

Given the protracted challenges spawned by the pandemic, recently positive news focused upon the state’s many and diverse small businesses merits prominent underscoring.

That is this: The recently enacted state budget for this year and 2022 promises material relief for those entities, with varied initiatives addressing a number of key concerns.

A New York State Senate website outlines the particulars. It stresses especially the major cash infusion of more than $1 billion that will become available to high numbers of small businesses rocked financially over the past many months. Aid will be applied in broad-based ways, with a prominent focus on matters such as these:

  • An impressive $800 million allotted in grant form to enterprises with 100 or fewer workers
  • Millions in tax credits to restaurants hard hit by COVID-19 dislocations
  • Scores of millions in grant money targeting cultural and nonprofit groups

One lawmaker commenting on the budgetary aid noted its pro-small business emphasis, stressing that such entities “are the heart and soul of our communities.”

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