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Could robots alleviate the strain on nurses?

Nurses perform an incredible range of services, from administering medication to helping patients cope with the stress of being in the hospital. And often, they are the ones who have the most direct contact with individuals receiving care.

Unfortunately, this can put them at risk of shouldering an unfair burden in the event of an adverse medical event. This, combined with the shortage of nurses, has driven interest in robotic nursing assistants.

What would a robot nursing assistant do?

A robotic company has built a robotic nurse called Moxi. The robot has the capability to perform non-patient-facing tasks, including:

  • Delivering lab samples
  • Running patient supplies
  • Transporting other materials

The company’s goal is to automate some tasks that can place unnecessary demands on nurses. It also hopes to fill some of the gaps created by staffing shortages. 

Is automation the answer?

It is certainly interesting to think about how technology and automation could alleviate the incredible workload nurses typically carry. Already, facilities may utilize automation to augment human capabilities when it comes to performing surgeries or analyzing tests.

And while taking some of the responsibilities and duties off of nurses and allowing them to spend more time with patients sounds promising, the reality is that there are systemic issues that a robot nursing assistant cannot fix. 

For instance, some facilities routinely overwork nurses, underpay them and fail to enforce safety standards.

Too often, they then place the blame for adverse events on individual doctors or nurses rather than taking accountability for widespread failures.

Protecting nurses when their reputation is on the line

Nurses face overwhelming challenges in their occupation, and they need support to help them provide proper care. In some cases, this can mean having legal aid to defend against malpractice or negligence claims.

Challenges to a nurse’s license and livelihood are highly stressful, but any person in this situation should know that they have the right to defend themselves and their reputation. Whether this defense includes denying wrongdoing or proving other parties were negligent, taking an aggressive stance is crucial in defending nurses against harmful, wrongful accusations.

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