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Information to collect if a patient accuses you of malpractice

Adverse medical events are devastating for everyone involved, including doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. However, patients and their families can be quick to blame care providers, accusing them of negligence or misconduct.

If you receive a medical malpractice complaint, acting quickly is crucial to minimizing the negative impact it has on your license and reputation. And securing pertinent information is one critical step to focus on right away.

Documents to retain and organize

Some medical cases are pretty straightforward; others are incredibly complicated. There may be countless tests, exam records, medications and diagnoses to go through, not to mention exchanges between patients and medical workers.

Considering all the information there may be, collecting documentation and getting it organized right away can help you assess the situation with your attorney. Some things you can concentrate on include:

  • Emails
  • Medical records and charting
  • Test results
  • Witness statements
  • Voicemails
  • Physical and electronic notes
  • Statements from a patient
  • Session notes

These can reveal critical insight into the decisions medical staff made or did not make and provide context into a specific case. 

For instance, they might show a patient withheld or lied about specific health details. Or, they could support determinations made by care providers.

Putting it all together with legal support

Medical professionals are already in demanding, highly technical environments. And the thought of losing their license or having their reputation irreparably damaged by malpractice claims can be highly stressful.

Considering how complicated it can be to manage medical information, respond to legal requests and still earn a living, healthcare workers should not navigate these claims alone. Consulting an attorney can help parties protect themselves and their livelihood against unnecessary penalties and wrongful allegations.


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