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NY businesses face routine scrutiny from regulatory organizations

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2020 | Firm News

Anyone who thinks that New York business principals are routinely focused narrowly on company growth and profit margins has never been involved in managing a commercial enterprise.

There often aren’t enough hours in a day that allow key decision makers to address and proactively respond to all material business concerns comprehensively.

Today we spotlight an area of focus that is critically important for company managers across myriad industries, namely, their interaction with regulatory organs of various types.

In New York, businesses routinely command attention from a host of law-making and enforcement agencies at all levels of government. Those centrally include municipal, state and federal organizations with oversight of matters ranging from alleged workplace discrimination, wage/hour issues and company contracts to workplace safety, whistleblowing and myriad other issues.

We highlight several of those regulatory arms on our website. Many New York employers must occasionally respond, for example, to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission concerning matters alleging workplace discrimination.

Inquiries and probes from the New York State Department of Labor frequently demand company response to issues linked with wages, work hours/overtime and additional matters. The state’s Division of Human Rights investigates and prosecutes complaints linked to alleged discrimination in various contexts.

The regulatory realm affecting businesses is often replete with red tape, time limitations and other complexities. Company principals tasked to respond to agency mandates can turn for help to a proven employment law legal team.

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