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Relevant number crunching for prospective business owners

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2020 | Business Law

If you are a smart and idea-laden person with creative energies that might reasonably flourish in the commercial realm, some of the following numbers and statistics might fundamentally interest you.

Moreover, they might fuel your enthusiasm concerning a potential New York business start-up entity or continued expansion of an already existing company you have created.

The American attachment to business ownership runs deep

Maybe you think you’re essentially alone among your crowd of peers and acquaintances for harboring strong dreams of company creation and forged business prosperity.

You’re not. Entrepreneurialism runs deep in the United States, and it is something that empirical proofs strongly support. Consider the following data supplied by the U.S. Small Business Administration and other sources:

  • Nearly 31 million operative small businesses span the country (with a large chunk of those being in New York)
  • Huge contribution of small businesses to American job placement (such entities reportedly accounting for nearly two-thirds of all hires)
  • High numbers of company owners motivated by personal passions and desires for economic and creative independence
  • Evidence indicating progressively expanding interest in business launches by comparatively younger individuals

Recipe for commercial success: proactivity and resiliency

Candidly, not every startup or young company conquers business obstacles and experiences sustained success.

Many that do, though, persevere and profit because they proactively engaged in timely due diligence and thoughtful preparation prior to company establishment. Legions of successful enterprises employ meaningfully tailored strategies guided by proven and ongoing input from experienced commercial law attorneys.

The business realm is a notably challenging environment. It is also a sphere replete with opportunity that is routinely seized upon by smart and aggressive industry actors.


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